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Dryland for Swimmers

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

What is dryland?

Dryland is considered to be strength and conditioning, where it focuses on increasing flexibility, mobility, and power.

What are the benefits?

- Minimal equipment: mostly bands, medicine balls, and an open area

- Prevent injury: Not only strengthens the large muscles but it works on stabilizing

muscles, weak core, and muscle imbalances

- Increase fast twitch: You will be able to reach faster, take more strokes per minute with

more power

- Increase DPS (distance per stroke): Added strength will increase the amount of water

you can move with each stroke.

Top 3 exercises:

- Pullups with legs held in “L” shape

- Stair jumps (focus on throwing the hips)

- One-legged Burpees (same as a regular burpee but only use one leg, Tip: flex abs to

activate the core and keep the body from rotating)

Sample Beginner Workout:


o Dynamic Warm up (Leg swings 10 each leg, Arm circles 10 each arm) x 3

o Body weight squats x 20

o Push-ups x 20

Workout (5 rounds)

o Burpees x 10

o 1 leg long jump 10 each leg

o Pull-ups x 10

o Stair jumps x 3 flights of stairs

o Abs (20 crunches, 20 bicycles, 20 V-up)

Sample Advance Workout:


o Dynamic Warm-up (Leg swings 10 each leg, Arm circles 10 each arm) x 3

o Body weight squats x 20

o Push-ups x 20

Workout (5 rounds)

o On leg Burpee x 10

o L Pull-ups x 10

o One leg stair jumps (4 flights of stairs 2 each leg)

o Abs

- 30 sec plank with right leg up, 30 sec plank with left leg up

- On a pull up bar knees to elbow x 10 (slow)

- Side v-ups x 20 each side

- Toe touches x 30

30-60s rest between each round. These workouts are intense, make sure to keep good form. If you are unable to maintain good form, reduce the number of rounds.

Pro tip: Focus on smooth, consistent breathing. Just like when you get tired at the end of a 200 butterfly, it's key to keep rhythmic breathing steady while working out on land.

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