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TYR Men's Venzo Genesis Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit Review

Get your TYR Venzo Genesis at here at swimoutlet (always in stock):

Finding a good racing suit is critical. Everyone has a preference on which suit they like to race in. If you haven't already heard of TYR Venzo Genesis then it's worth taking a look. TYR Claims they created friction-less fibers!!!


  • Friction-less fiber construction. Allows for the lowest drag!

  • Surface Lift Technology: It doesn't allow water to penetrate the suit, which helps increase buoyancy and higher hips!

  • Endo Compression: helps support your legs and abs. The additional support o your abs make it easier to engage the core.

  • Good for all strokes


  • This suit is tight. Some swimmers say it takes between 30 mins to an hour to put on.

Pro tips:

  • Tech suits typically last around 20 hours wet.

  • Don't put on the suit too early. The compression can make your legs feel fatigued because of the lack of circulation.

  • A plastic bag round the feet helps the suit slide over your foot a lot easier.

  • Practice putting this suit on before your meet.

  • Cut and file your nails. This suit is really smooth, and a nail can easily snag the suit, negating all the frictionless benefits.

I've only got to try this suit once, but I must say with the amount of buoyancy in your hips, this could easily have been my go-to suit!

Recommended for: High School, College, and Elite swimmers

Get your TYR Venzo Genesis at here at swimoutlet (always in stock):

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