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Arena Elite Finger Paddle

Get your Arena Elite Finger Paddle on Amazon here:

If you haven't already heard of Arena Elite Finger Paddle then it's worth taking a look. They are a steal of a deal and come with Amazon 2-day Shipping!

This is one of the best paddle on the market to work on hand position!


  • Improves hand and finger strength

  • Increases awareness on finger postion

  • Able to use in multiple positions (ie. Hold between fingers)

  • Low stress on shoulders


  • Small surface area = low propulsion

Pro tips:

  • Don’t use the straps and hold the paddle between your fingers. Then swim freestyle this is an excellent drill to work on hand entry. If done correctly it should feel like you are not holding a paddle. If your hand it flying to either direction, you’ll need to compensate for the incorrect hand entry

  • Always warm up prior to working out with paddles

Recommended for: High School, College, and Elite swimmers

Get your Arena Elite Finger Paddle on Amazon here:

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