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Speedo Competition Nose Clip

Get your Speedo Competition Nose Clip on Amazon here:

If you haven't already heard of Speedo Competition Nose Clip then it's worth taking a look.

Many pros including Missy Franklin and Tyler Clary use nose clips to help keep more air in their body and increase their buoyancy.


  • Effective to stop water from going up your nose

  • Easier to extend your dolphin kicks off the wall by not letting air leak out of your nose

  • Makes holding your breathe easier

  • Comfortable

  • Low-drag

  • Cheap


  • Takes some time to get used to (most of us are taught to breathe in to our mouth and out through your nose)

  • Flip turns take some practice

  • One size fits most (if you have a larger nose this will not fit)

Pro tips:

  • Everyone has their preference. Even if you like nose clips practice racing without one in the rare case that it falls off it won’t throw you off your game.

Recommended for: High School, College, and Elite swimmers

Get your Speedo Competition Nose Clip on Amazon here:

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